'How about going to the opera tonight? I got two spare tickets and I thought you would be interested.’
'Well, to be honest, opera is not my cup of tea (= it’s not what I like). Actually, it has never been …’
'OK, I understand. How come that I was sure you were into (= liked) opera music?’
'No idea. You could have mistaken me for my sister, who just adores (= loves) philharmonic and classical music.’
'So, what sort of music are you fond of?’
'Pop and rock. But I must admit that Robbie Williams is my all-time favourite (= the best ever). As his dedicated (= great) fan , I’ve been to quite a few of his concerts all over Europe.’
'I hope you don’t take offence (= don’t feel sorry), but I wouldn’t say I have a particular liking for him (= I’m fond of him).’
'Well, tastes differ. For me listening to him is sheer pleasure (= huge pleasure), for you it can be hard to bear (= very unpleasant). That’s life!’
'Anyway, have you any idea who might fancy (= want) an evening with opera music …?’



More contexts for the new words:

He has always been conscientious and dedicated to his work.
(= spending all his time and effort on something)

The restaurant was far too expensive for my liking.
(= I didn’t like it because it was too expensive)

By sheer luck, we were sent to the same training course by our companies.
(= pure; used for emphasizing the degree of something)




Put the expressions below into the two categories: „I like it” and „I don’t like it”


I don’t have a particular liking for it.
I fancy it.
I just adore it.
I’m a dedicated fan.
I’m fond of it.
I’m into it.
It’s hard to bear.
It’s my all-time favourite.
It’s not my cup of tea.
It’s sheer pleasure.



Put the phrases in the right order, then answer the questions.


Which person / hard to bear? Why? / do you find
are you / Which sport / a dedicated fan of? Why?
a particular liking for? Why? / do you have / Which food





I’d like us to look at the following sentence in more detail today:


’I got two spare tickets and I thought you would be interested.’


What is of particular interest to us here is the use of WOULD in this sentence. In fact, it’s an example of reported speech which is introduced by 'thought’. That’s why you cannot say: 'I thought you will be interested’, especially if it’s not clear when you said it and the use of direct WILL might be misleading for the listener. See how these direct sentences can be changed into indirect ones:


1) 'I will be back home at around 7.’
2) 'She will not come anyway.’
3) 'They will agree if most of their requirements are met.’

1) I told you I would be back home at around 7.
2) Bob was sure she wouldn’t come anyway.
3) They said they would agree if most of their requirements were met.




A/ How did George meet Anna?
B/ They met at a party, and he TOOK AN Immediate LIKING TO her.


If you take a liking to something or somebody, you begin to like them.






1. You TAKE TO something if you start liking it.


John took to vegetables when he realized how healthy they were.
His wife took to her new neighbors at once.


2. You GO OFF something if you stop liking it.


John went off junk food when he started having stomach problems.
I went off burgers after I got food poisoning from a take-away.




Match the conversation halves.

1. Why did you stop seeing Peter?
2. So this is sushi. It tastes strange.
3. Why did you take a liking to this series?

a. I know, it takes time to take to it.
b. I went off him when he said those dreadful things about Clare.
c. It’s the funniest I have ever seen







A popular film website has recently asked its users: which serial is your all-time favourite? On the basis of their answers, a list of the best series of all times was created. Here’s the countdown!

5. Friends – a hilarious sitcom which, despite its age, still cracks up millions. Ten seasons awaiting!
4. Star Trek: The Next Generation – a definite classic, the story of a spaceship and its charismatic crew who boldly go where no one has ever ventured before. And the hunk Jean Luc Picard!
3. Battlestar Gallactica – an sf story of the end of humanity. With the enemies – the Cylons – capable of looking like humans, you never know whom you can trust. Sadly, discontinued.
2. Dexter – the story of a charming man who leads a double life – as a forensic detective, and a serial killer. A definite must! And another season coming up this September!
1. The Game of Thrones – the epic intrigue, based on Martin’s best-selling book series, tells the story of the struggle for power in an imaginary land. Adventure, treachery and deceit abound! Season three due in April 2013!




– countdown – the counting of numbers backwards,
– to crack sb up – to make sb laugh
– crew – people running a ship
– boldly – bravely
– ventured – travelled
– hunk – handsome man
– forensic – relating to the use of scientific methods to solve crimes and to find out who committed them
– struggle – fight
– treachery, deceit – dishonesty
– abound – be present in large numbers


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I like it
I don’t like it
I fancy it.
I just adore it.
I’m a dedicated fan.
I’m fond of it.
I’m into it.
It’s my all-time favourite.
It’s sheer pleasure.

I don’t have a particular liking for it.
It’s hard to bear.
It’s not my cup of tea.

Which person do you find hard to bear? Why?
Which sport are you a dedicated fan of? Why?
Which food do you have a particular liking for? Why?

1. b
2. a
3. c