Online Gambling Business

The iGaming industry has registered a consistent growth in the past few years. With the expansion of the industry, more and more operators are entering the online gambling stage. This also means that it’s getting more and more challenging to stay ahead of the competition and differentiate yourself from the rest. In order to start an online gaming business, you will need the following: a professional iGaming software, a gambling licence, a merchant account, a dedicated server. However, these alone won’t guarantee success.

Let’s explore the 6 main aspects to consider after you’ve decided to start an online gaming business.


1. Choose a reliable iGaming software provider
This is the most important decision to make, since you will be entering a long-term partnership with your iGaming software provider. Take your time to evaluate the existing options in terms of quality of services offered and price. You want to choose a software provider that has a deep understanding of the online gaming industry and experience in launching successful online casinos. Look for flexible, fully customizable software solutions that allow you to control the entire process, from design to post-launch. You can choose a white-label solution that allows you to lease the software, gaming licence and payment processing system and operate your own casino under an established turnkey infrastructure.


2. What exactly do you want to include on your online gambling website for your customers? Once you have decided to enter the online gaming market along an established name in the iGaming industry, there are a few questions you need to answer before you proceed: What type of software will you place on your online gambling site? Will you just offer popular casino games, like slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, bingo or poker? What about a live casino module? These days, professional dealers, live video streams and user-friendly interfaces bring the casino feel into the players’ homes. And what about in-play sports betting? According to latest reports from the industry, in-play betting will continue to develop in the following years along progress in live streaming technology. Will you need additional features, such as real-time chat rooms, statistics on players, bonus creation options or tournament play?


3. Obtain a gambling licence
Building an online gambling business is not an easy task for today’s operators that need to face challenges and regulatory requirements across various jurisdictions. At this moment, the following legal frameworks dominate the gaming industry: countries that regulate online gambling within their territories; countries that regulate and impose monopolies; countries that ban betting activities within their jurisdictions; countries that lack regulations on gambling activities.


4. Choose a payment system provider
When you start an online gaming business, you need to make an agreement with a payment system provider, so you and your players can quickly and easily make transactions. For convenience purposes, it’s advisable that you provide players with multiple payment options. At the same time, you need to take into account the increasing demand for payCentrum ment providers that comprehend and adapt their services to the specific regional market conditions. To simplify the process, you have the option of choosing an iGaming software provider that can deliver: complete services, including payment processing, integration with all major e-merchants, multi-currency support, advanced risk management, fraud detection. Keeping an open eye on the selected market and choosing the best products together with the easiest payment mechanisms will improve the overall gaming experience and bring additional benefits for your business.


5. Work on your website’s design
The way your website looks is very important. You need to choose an attractive design or invest in your front end development, because it is the most important aspect for your players when choosing among tens or hundreds of similar betting websites. To make sure you are on the safe side, follow a few basic recommendations: Do not overload your site with unnecessary graphics or elements that might slow down your website and affect the overall gaming experience. Studies indicated that loading time is important for players, who could leave you if it takes too much time for the website pages to load. Do not go into complicated and resource demanding graphics, like movies, integrated graphics or various visuals. Make sure your front end assures a seamless integration with your database. If you are not sure about creating your own front end, we recommend addressing your software provider for a predefined template.


6. Implement a sound marketing strategy
When everything else has been taken care of, you’ll need to focus more on marketing your new online gaming business. Research your competitors and find out what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong, so you know which mistakes to avoid. Your main goal should be to position your online casino as a quality, trustworthy business. It’s going to be tough to do this at first, since the online gaming market is a highly competitive one. The best approach is to only have quality games on your website, from trusted providers, to keep the website design clean and offer users a near-perfect experience. A lot of effort has to go into announcing the launch of your new online gaming business. But you shouldn’t stop there. Ongoing marketing efforts are required in order to keep your players coming back and attract new ones on a constant basis. Set up retention campaigns and bonus systems and make sure your players are always happy.

Adapted from www.everymatrix.com


Exercise 1
Find the words or expressions in the text which mean the following:

1) don’t hurry: __________
2) to consider what possibilities you have: __________
3) products that can be sold under the distributor’s brand name: __________
4) ready for use: __________
5) trying to guess which athlete or team will win a particular game: __________
6) online broadcast in real time: __________
7) an area where a particular court or legal system works: __________
8) to prohibit sth: __________
9) to not have sth: ___________
10)the part of a business or website that the user actually sees: __________
11)finding cheaters: __________
12)efforts to keep your customer: _________


Exercise 2
Match the expressions from the two columns into logical collocations:

1) to register                   an open eye on sth
2) to stay ahead             integration with sth
3) a user-friendly          the safe side
4) regulatory                  a consistent growth
5) to impose                   of the competition
6) seamless                    requirements
7) to be on                      a career in an industry
8) a sound                      marketing strategy
9) ongoing                      a monopoly
10)to keep                      interface


Exercise 3
Provide English equivalents of these expressions:

1) rozwój branży
2) zagwarantować sukces
3) rzetelny dostawca
4) dogłębne zrozumienie czegoś
5) napotykać wyzwania
6) porządek prawny
7) zawrzeć umowę
8) realizowanie płatności
9) zarządzenie ryzykiem
12)dający się w pełni spersonalizować



Grammar corner…

In the first sentence of the second paragraph you saw a structure „once you’ve decided…”. It’s Present Perfect for emphasizing that an action has been finished before another one started, e.g. once you’ve formally set up your business, it’s time to think about your marketing strategy. The purpose of that is to make it even
clearer that one thing has to be finished before another can start. The structure can be introduced by phrases like: once, the moment, after, only after, the second, etc.


Exercise 4
Rewrite the sentences so that they start as shown.

1. First you need to get a degree, then you can think about traveling around the world. => Once …
2. Call me right after you receive the results. => The second, …
3. You must first pay the fee and then you can be a full member. => Only after, …
4. Immediately after landing, the anti-terrorists arrested the man who was causing trouble on board. => The moment, …
5. When you finish supper, please clean up the dishes. => After, …



take your time – nie spiesz się
to evaluate sth – ocenić coś
white-label solutions – rozwiązania sprzedawane pod marką dystrybutora
turnkey  – „pod klucz”
sports betting – zakłady bukmacherskie
live streaming – transmisja na żywo w Internecie
a jurisdiction – jurysdykcja
to ban sth – zakazać czegoś
to lack sth – nie mieć czegoś
front end – widzialny dla użytkownika
fraud detection – wykrywanie oszustw
a retention campaign – działania mające na celu zatrzymanie klienta
to register a consistent growth – odnotować stały wzrost
to stay ahead of the competition – wyprzedać konkurencję
regulatory requirements – wymogi regulacyjne
to impose a monopoly – wprowadzić monopol
seamless integration with sth – kompleksowa integracja z czymś
to be on the safe side – nie ryzykować
a sound marketing strategy – rozsądna strategia marketingowa
ongoing marketing efforts – bieżące działania marketingowe
to keep an open eye on sth – mieć oczy szeroko otwarte na coś
expansion of the industry – rozwój branży
to guarantee success – zagwarantować sukces
a reliable provider – rzetelny dostawca
a deep understanding of the industry – dogłębne zrozumienie branży
to face challenges – napotykać wyzwania
legal framework – porządek prawny
to make an agreement – zawrzeć umowę
payment processing – realizowanie płatności
risk management – zarządzanie ryzykiem
a template – szablon
it’s advisable to … – warto …
fully customizable – dający się w pełni spersonalizować
a merchant account – rachunek firmowy
to explore sth – odkrywać coś
demanding – wymagający
to assure sth – zapewnić coś



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Ex. 1
1) take your time
2) to evaluate options
3) white-label solutions
4) turnkey
5) sports betting
6) live streaming
7) a jurisdiction
8) to ban sth
9) to lack sth
10)front end
11)fraud detection
12)a retention campaign
Ex. 2
1) to register a consistent growth
2) to stay ahead of the competition
3) a user-friendly interface
4) regulatory requirements
5) to impose a monopoly
6) seamless integration with sth
7) to be on the safe side
8) a sound marketing strategy
9) ongoing marketing efforts
10)to keep an open eye on sth

Ex. 3
1) expansion of the industry
2) to guarantee success
3) a reliable provider
4) a deep understanding os the industry
5) to face challenges
6) a legal framework
7) to make an agreement
8) payment processing
9) risk management
10)a template
11)it’s advisable to …
12) fully customizable
Ex. 4
1) Once you’ve got(ten) your degree, you can think about traveling around the world.
2) The second you’ve received the results, call me.
3) Only after you’ve paid the fee, CAN YOU BECOME a full member.
4) The moment the plane has landed, the anti-terrorists arrested the man who was causing trouble on board.
5) After you’ve finished supper, please clean up the dishes.