Medical Marketing

Every now and then, a healthcare organization creates a stellar piece of content, launches a particularly clever social media campaign, or proves that they just get their target audience in a way that makes fans of healthcare marketing just want to stand up and clap. Obviously, the healthcare industry may have once been considered a slow adopter to the world of inbound marketing, but it’s safe to say that these five examples of true marketing brilliance are making up for lost time.

1) A positive hashtag campaign
In order to raise awareness of breast cancer and the need for early detection, one clinic started the “Yes, Mamm” campaign. Regardless of whether the hashtag was used to answer common breast cancer questions in a Twitter chat or to drive traffic to their website to encourage women to make an appointment at one of their screening locations, the campaign is a prime example of the power of hashtags to start a movement.

2) A dare!
A well designed dare may set a standard for what can happen when healthcare organizations engage with their following. With monthly “dares,” quizzes, and prizes on the website, a healthcare provider may involve its followers to make one small healthy change per month and document it on social media. Not only does such interactive campaign lead to healthier habits, but it also fosters an interactive online community of brand loyalists.

3) A Facebook contest
A social media contest may ask participants to post their best picture, e.g. a “stachie,” a phrase coined to mean a selfie with either a real or fake mustache. The purpose is to raise awareness of a particular health issue. In a clever way it takes advantage of social media hilarity and drives traffic to a medical center’s website, which frequently offers other attractions for awareness, like a blog, a podcast, and an event calendar.

4) A support drive
Using an incredibly powerful slogan, for instance, „you may have cancer, but you also have us” may inspire the patients’ confidence and show a personal approach to cancer treatment and present state-of-the-art facilities. By sharing inspirational videos on social media (as well as using more traditional marketing techniques, like television and radio) a treatment center embodies what it means to build trust with your target audience.

5) Infographics
Speaking of infographics, visual content is widely popular with digital marketing audiences, as exemplified by, e.g. helpful sugar content and flu myths infographics. Infographics are best used to simplify a potentially complicated or controversial topic, like children’s sugar consumption. They tend to resonate with audiences who may not be interested in sitting down to read a full blog post on an important topic. Plus, infographics are highly shareable across all social media channels, making them a great attentiongrabber to attract new patients.

Adapted from www.blog.hubspot.com


Exercise 1

Find the words or expressions in the text which mean the following:

1) brilliant, extremely good: __________
2) to understand sb: __________
3) a sector that doesn’t implement changes quickly: __________
4) without considering sth: __________
5) to promote sth: __________
6) buying from the same brand: __________
7) being funny: __________
8) faith in sth, believing in sth: __________
9) to give something as an example: ___________
10)possible to be posted on social media: __________
11)sth that makes people interested: __________
12)often: _________


Exercise 2

Match the expressions from the two columns into logical collocations:

1) every now                           traffic to a website
2) to launch                            a standard
3) target                                  content
4) inbound                             example of sth
5) to raise                               and then
6) to drive                              a phrase
7) a prime                              audience
8) to set                                  marketing
9) to coin                               awareness of sth
10)visual                               a campaign


Exercise 3

Provide English equivalents of these expressions:

1) nadrobić coś
2) wyzwanie
3) wczesna diagnoza
4) badanie przesiewowe
5) świadczeniobiorca
6) z najwyższej półki
7) być ucieleśnieniem czegoś
8) treści
9) przemawiać do kogoś
10)media społecznościowe
11)podejście do czegoś
12)zdrowy nawyk


Grammar corner…

Some time ago you learned that you can use the so-called wh- words to add more strength to what you’re saying. You can also use them otherwise, e.g. to make more complicated sentences that explain something or add additional information about something. The first case is called a DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSE which means that it is a part of a definition (a good definition is made of a generalization and a specification). For example, a defining relative clause is a sentence which explains the nature of something. The most important thing about it is that you DON’T use a comma before which and you CAN replace it with that. The second case is called a NON-DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSE. It only adds extra information, it is separated from the main sentence by commas and it’s impossible to use that in it.


Exercise 4

Complete the sentences with one suitable word: which, where, when, whose, why, that, whom.

1) A dietary supplement is a medical product ____________________ you can buy without getting a prescription from a doctor.
2) Dietary supplements, ____________________ aren’t very well regulated, usually don’t work.
3) That’s the billionaire ____________________ donation saved our foundation from going bankrupt.
4) The fact that you’re lazy is the reason ____________________ you didn’t get promoted.
5) The company decided to give its workers a Christmas bonus, ____________________ was very nice of them.
6) My husband, ____________________ you’ve already met, is a great lawyer.


stellar – nieziemski
to get sb – rozumieć kogoś
a slow adopter – oporny na zmiany
regardless of sth – bez względu na coś
to foster sth – promować coś
brand loyalty – lojalność wobec marki
hilarity – komizm
confidence – zaufanie
to exemplify sth – stanowić przykład czegoś
sharable – łatwy do udostępnienia
an attention grabber – coś, co przykuwa uwagę
frequently – często
every now and then – od czasu do czsu
to launch a campaign – rozpocząć kampanię
target audience – grupa docelowa
inbound marketing – marketing przychodzący
to raise awareness of sth – zwiększyć świadomość czegoś
to drive traffic to a website – generować ruch na stronie
a prime example of sth – najlepszy przykład czegoś
to set a standard – wyznaczać standard
to coin a phrase – stworzyć wyrażenie, ukuć zwrot
visual content – treści wizualne
to make up for sth nadrobić coś
a dare – wyzwanie
early diagnosis – wczesna diagnoza
screening – badanie przesiewowe
healthcare provider – świadczeniodawca
state-of-the-art – z najwyższej półki
to embody sth – być ucieleśnieniem czegoś
to resonate with sb – przemawiać do kogoś
social media – media społecznościowe
an approach to sth – podejście do czegoś
a healthy habit – zdrowy nawyk
a stachie – selfie z wąsami
to make an appointment – umówić wizytę


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Ex. 1
1) stellar
2) to get sb
3) a slow adopter
4) regardless of sth
5) to foster sth
6) brand loyalty
7) hilarity
8) confidence
9) to exemplify sth
11)an attention grabber

Ex. 2
1) every now and then
2) to launch a campaign
3) target audience
4) inbound marketing
5) to raise awareness of sth
6) to drive traffic to a website
7) a prime example of sth
8) to set a standard
9) to coin a phrase
10)visual content

Ex. 3
1) to make up for sth
2) a dare
3) early detection
4) screening
5) a healthcare provider
6) state-of-the-art
7) to embody sth
8) content
9) to resonate with sb
10)social media
11)an approach to sth
12) a healthy habit

Ex. 4
1) which / that
2) which
3) whose
4) why / that
5) which
6) whom