LEVEL A1.2/A2.1





This week was very difficult, as usual. Why? I rarely get a good night’s sleep (= sleep enough to feel good) during the week. I am a night owl (= go to bed late) and a heavy sleeper (= sleep deeply) so it is very difficult for me to get up early in the morning every day. The moment I fall asleep (= start sleeping), I sleep like a log (= sleep very well). I hardly ever have a sleepless night (= a night without sleep), but still I yawn (= open my mouth wide and take a big breath) every day of the week because I go to sleep too late. Life is very difficult for people who like to stay up late at night (= not go to bed early).


More contexts for the new words: 

  • She is an early bird.
    (= She likes getting up early in the morning.) 
  • She is a light sleeper.
    (= She wakes up easily.) 



Choose the best option to complete each sentence.


  1. I like to stand/ become/ stay up late at night.
  2. I’ve had a lot of sleepless/ no-sleep/ non-sleep nights recently.
  3. I always feel/ fall/ fell asleep really quickly.
  4. John is a weighty/ heavy/ fat sleeper.
  5. After a hard day at work, I always sleep like a tree/ log/ wood.
  6. My husband works until 2 am – he really is a night/ evening/ late owl.



Use the pictures to complete the questions, and then answer them.

  1. Do you know anyone who sleeps like a …………………………………… ?
  2. Do you know any ………………………. sleepers?
  3. Are you an early bird or a night ………………………. ?




In the text above there are many expressions which help us show that something happens regularly. For example:

I rarely get a good night’s sleep. or I hardly ever have a sleepless night.

There are some more words which work in a similar way:
always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never.

Just remember that they are never used at the end of the sentence, so we say:

I usually go to work early. Not: I go to work early usually.
I never start work at 9. Not: I start work at 9 never.




A/ Mum, can I go to the SLEEP-OVER at Jim’s?
B/ No way, you’re much too young for that kind of thing!


A sleep-over is a kind of party when a young person or a group of young people stay for the night at the house of a friend. Another expression is a slumber party.




  1. When you SLEEP IN, you continue sleeping after the time you usually wake up.

We all sleep in on Sundays.
All I dream of is sleeping in for a couple of days.

  1. When you SLEEP something OFF, you get rid of an unpleasant feeling by sleeping, especially after eating or drinking too much.

I spent the day after the wedding sleeping off the champagne.
I’ve eaten too much pizza – I’ll try to sleep it off.



Match the conversation halves.

  1. Karen is still in bed, sleeping off a. sleep-overs.
  2. Most people sleep in b. at the weekends.
  3. Teenagers like going to c. last night’s beer.





Do you have healthy sleeping habits? Do the quiz below and find out!

  1. How long do you sleep on average?

a) 3-4 hours
b) 5-6 hours
c) 7-8 hours

  1. Do you ever nap during the day?

a) sometimes – if I’m tired
b) no, never
c) yes, every day for half an hour.

  1. What do you drink when you have problems falling asleep?

a) a shot of vodka
b) some water
c) some warm milk with honey

4. When do you eat dinner?

a) just before going to bed
b) 4-5 hours before going to bed
c) 2-3 hours before sleeping

  1. Is the window open while you’re sleeping?

a) no way – I’m afraid of catching a cold
b) no, but I air my bedroom in the evening
c) yes, of course



If you’ve chosen mostly A answers – we have bad news for you. Your sleeping habits are terrible. You feel bad when you wake up and you’re always tired. Change something now!

If you’ve chosen mostly B answers – not bad! You do some of the things right, but there is still some room for improvement.

If you’ve chosen mostly C answersgive yourself a pat on the back! You have excellent sleeping habits, you wake up full of energy and feel fresh throughout the day. Good job!



on average – usually

nap – short sleep

shot – little glass

catching a cold – becoming slightly ill

air – open the window to let in fresh air

give yourself a pat on the back – congratulate yourself


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  1. stay
  2. sleepless
  3. fall
  4. heavy
  5. log
  6. night



  1. log
  2. heavy
  3. owl



  1. c
  2. b
  3. a