LEVEL A1.2/A2.1  


   MEETINGS IN THE OFFICE   My boss told me to set up (= organize) a meeting yesterday. It was an EGM (= extraordinary general meeting), a meeting to discuss a very important problem. We agreed to have it on May 12. Later, he told me to bring it forward (= make a meeting earlier) and we agreed we could have it on May 7. Next he asked me to postpone it (= make a meeting later) and he said May 15 would be perfect. He said he would attend it (= be present), and asked everybody to stick to the point (= make no digressions from the subject). Then he decided to miss it (= not come). Finally, he decided to cancel it (= not have it at all). This is another reason why I like my boss so much   More contexts for the new words:

  • If you postpone a meeting, you put it off.
  • If you cancel a meeting, you call it off.
  • If you set up a meeting, you arrange

    EXERCISE 1 Complete the sentences with the words in bold above.   1) I was ill, so I couldn’t …………………….. the meeting. 2) One of the duties of a secretary is to …………………….. all the meeting in a company. She has to book a room and make sure everyone knows about the meeting. 3) I will be busy on Monday, so let’s …………………….. our meeting then. 4) 4pm is too early. Can we …………………….. our date till 6 pm? 5) I know you have a lot of ideas on different subjects, but let’s stick to the …………………….. 6) Next month will be too late. Can’t we bring the meeting …………………….. a bit?   EXERCISE 2 Add the missing letters. Then answer the questions.

  1. Who usually _ r r _ _ _ _ _ meeting at your workplace?
  2. When was the last time you _ _ s s _ _ a meeting? Why?
  3. When did you last have to _ _ _ c _ l a date? How did your partner react?



  Let’s look at the first sentence of the text: My boss told me to set up a meeting yesterday. Look at the verb „to tell”. After this verb we need to specify „who”, so the structure is: to tell somebody (to do something): I told him about it. I told my mother I love her. I told my son to be quiet.



  A/ How much does he earn? B/ Not much. He hardly MAKES ENDS MEET To make ends meet means to have just enough money to pay for the things that you nee.




  1. In the first sentence, SET UP means ‘to organize’:

My boss told me to set up a meeting yesterday.  

  1. SET UP can also mean ‘to start’:

 He set up a new business last week.

  1. Another phrasal verb with ‘set’ is SET OFF. It means to leave for a trip:

We set off early in the morning.   EXERCISE 3 Choose the best option

  1. My boss told to me/ me/ I to shut up.
  2. We set off/ up/ out too late, so we missed the train.
  3. If you’re unemployed, it’s hard to do/ make/ take ends meet.



  SEXUAL HARASSMENT            The marketing manager of Eusco, Inc. was fired last week after being accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. The accusation was made by his personal assistant, who said that Arnold Brisk tried to force her to meet him after work. She also said that she would never do anything to cheat on her husband. Arnold Brisk of course denies all the accusations.     GLOSSARYsexual harassment – sexual behaviour that annoys or upsets someone – accusation – a statement saying that someone has done something morally wrong – to force sb to do sth – to make sb do sth against their will – to cheat on your husband/ wife – to secretly have a sexual relationship with sb else – to deny sth – to say that sth is not true   download lesson (pdf)



  1. attend
  2. arrange
  3. cancel
  4. postpone
  5. point
  6. forward


  1. arranges
  2. missed
  3. cancel


  1. me
  2. off
  3. make