How we teach in Archibald.

Our syllabi and working systems are based on communicative method.

It is a modern and effective means of teaching English and other foreign languages. We provide our students with not only an attractive class formula that facilitates acquiring knowledge fast but also nice and cosy atmosphere.



  • our students form groups of equal language skills level, what results in quicker and more effective learning
  • we advocate small groups – it easier to learn in a less numerous group, the students make progress faster and are more eager participants of classes
  • lessons in Archibald are thought ahead and carefully prepared, presenting new lexical and grammatical material is carried out in an engaging way, revising and activating material is also paid close attention to
  • we are aware of how important it is to speak – discussions and role playing everyday situations constitute a crucial part of the lesson
  • lessons are carried out solely in the language to which the course is devoted to i.e. English course is held in English (even on lower levels)
  • the lessons are held in a way that assures varied interaction throughout the class, maximising the benefits of the time spent learning
  • the students engage in group work or pair-work while the teacher monitors the potential errors
  • the coursebook based material is enhanced with interesting external content, modified to meet the students abilities
  • we effectively motivate to learn and systematically assess students’ progress through revisions, homework assignments, and semester and final tests.


“While supervising classes I pay attention to both their exquisite preparation (how they have been planned, what materials were relied on to reach certain aims) as well as friendly atmosphere during class. I believe that a positive class atmosphere helps overcome hindrances towards fluent communication and motivates students to work.”

 Anna Sierpatowska, Methodologist


We are glad that students appreciate how well prepared the teachers are as well as the way classes are performed in Archibald. Numerous students have stayed with us through consecutive semesters, some return after a number of years or after disappointing experiences during courses in other schools.”

Anna Gałązkiewicz, Head of the Academic Department